Alumina ceramic insulator

MOQ: 100pcs
All sizes available
Packing: wooden case
Sample available


Alumina Thermocouple protection tubes are available as a closed end tube with a reusable
stainless steel coupling device. This device has 2 ways to use: the thermocouple protection tube
can be hung by the flange or attached via the threaded end of the coupling device.

1. Materials: 95% alumina oxide, 99% alumina oxide
2. Color: white, pink, light yellow
3. Shape: one end closed
4. Application: Used for all kinds of electric heating equipment and electric equipment, and textile machinery

1. Good smooth and high strength
2. A variety of specifications available
3. OEM, ODM and OBM are welcomed


       Tech-data        Test conditions        Unit        95%AL2O3        99.5%AL2O3
       Density        g/cm3        >3.60        3.7
       Bending Strength        N/m3        2.24×108        >2.74×108
       Linear Expansibility        20~1000C        ×10-6/0C        –        –
       20~5000C        ×10-6/0C        6.2~7.5        6.2~7.5
       20~8000C        ×10-6/0C        6.5~8.0        6.5~8.0
       Specific Inductive
       1MH2        9~10        9~10.5
       10GMH2        9~10        –
       Dielectric Loss Value        1MH2        ×10-6        ≤4        ≤1.5
       Tangent        10GMH2        ×10-6        ≤10        –
       Volume Resistance        1000C        Ω·cm        >1013        >1014
       3000C        Ω·cm        >1016        >1012
       5000C        Ω·cm        108        –
       Breakdown Strength        KV/mm        15        –
       Thermal Conductivity        200C        W/m·K        25.2        29.2



Sizes in stock

       CT95-4*6.5*0.7*700        CT95-13*9*1500
       CT95-4*6.5*0.7*750        CT95-15 X 11 X 1000MM
       CT95-5X 0,7 X 1000MM (4 FUROS)        CT95-15 X 11 X 500MM
       CT95-5*0.7*700MM(4 FUROS)        CT95-15 X 11 X 700MM
       CT95-6 X 4 X 700MM        CT95-15*10*1100
       CT95-7*5*1000        CT95-15*10*1000
       CT95-8*5*650        CT95-17*13*1125
       CT95-8*5*800mm        CT95-18*12*1100
       CT95-10*6*800        CT95-20*10*1200
       CT95-10*6*1000        CT99-20*10*1200
       CT95-10*6*1250        CT95-20 X 15 X 500MM
       CT95-10*7*400        CT95-20 X 15 X 700MM
       CT95-10*7*500MM        CT95-20*15*800
       CT95-10*7*600        CT95-20*15*1000
       CT95-10*7*650        CT95-20*15*1100
       CT95-10 *7 *700        CT95-24*18*1100
       CT95-10*7*1030        CT95-24*18*1500
       CT95-12*8*1000        CT95-24 X 19 X 1000MM
       CT95-12*8*800        CT95-24*19*500MM
       CT95-13*9*1000        CT95-32*24*1100


Any other size are available, please inquiry for the details.