Ceramic pad heater



Ceramic Pad Heater is also called flexible heater, which is a selection of high~quality nichrome wire rope, coat of high purity alumina ceramic pieces
of insulation made crawler or rope heaters and other products type. Accordion to the shape of the work place, the size and shape can be customized.


1. Insulation Material: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic(AL2O3 ~ 95%)
2. Heating Conductor: Ni~Cr wire(Cr20Ni80), 19 wire strands
3. Temperature: 1100℃
4. Power: 2.7 KW/3.6KW/Customized
5. Voltage: 60V/80V/Customized
6. Current: 45A/Customized
7. Lead Wire Length: 24” (610mm)