Double wall heat shrinkable tubes

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Double wall heat shrinkable tube’s inner side is adhered with semi-flexible shrinkable tube of hot melt adhesive.
It has colloidality inwall which is designed specially. The outside is consisted of radiation crosslinked polyolefin.
When it is heated, the inwall will melt . And it will fill holes or gaps when ektexine shrinks. After cooling, the wall
thickness of double wall will be average and well-knit.
 Inflammability level: UL224 VW-1
 Advantages: low-temperature shrinkage, soft, flammability, damp and water proof, oil and acid resistance, etc.
 Shrinkage rate: 2:1  3:1  4:1
The product is widely used in wiring and water proof of electronic equipment, fixing and sealing of wire branch,
anticorrosion and protection of metal pipe and preventing macromolecular chain from loosening and falling off,
such as subaqueous decorative lighting, car brake oil piping, anticorrosion and protection of high-grade wiring