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Teflon tube is also called PTFE tube. Its chemical name is Polytetrafluoroethylene.
XH-R:PTFE tubes are made by extrusion and sintering.

Rated voltage: 150V  300V  600V
Max working temperature: The continuous working temperature is from 200℃ to 260℃.
Min working temperature: being soft in -100℃.
Corrosion resistance: resisting aqua regia and other organic solvent
Climate resistance: having the best aging longevity among other plastic
High lubrication: having the minimum coefficient of friction(0.04) among other plastic
Non-viscous: having the surface tension of solid material and be non-viscous to anything
Nonhazardous: having physical inertia
It has excellent electricity function. It’s an ideal insulation material of level-C.
This product has many advantages,such as high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance,
acid&alkali-resistance, stable properties and super-thin tube wall and so on.
Standard color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey(other colors could be customized)

Because PTFE has the highest temperature resistance among plastic(260℃), the highest voltage resistance (45KV/mm),
strong acid&alkaliresistance, the most anti stick and the most slithery ability,wear resistant quality and so on,
it is widely used in machinery, automobile, electricity, chemistry, valve and other components.Telfon flexible pipe
is generally used in chemistry, apparatus, electric heating and machinery. Besides, Telfon tube is widely used in
aerospace, automobile, medical treament, electronic transformer, communication and other science and technology
industry because of its high temperature resistance and high voltage resistance.

“Technical Data Sheet”