Silicone heater



Sillicon heater(sillicon heating sheet. sillicon rubber, sillicon rubber electrothermal film heating plate etc.), silicon rubber insulating layer
is made of silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth are compounded sheet (the standard thickness of 1.5mm),it has good flexibility, can be
associated with an object to be heated is close contact; the heating elements of nickel alloy foil processing form, the heating power can
reach 2.1 W / CM2, more uniform heating. In this way, we can make the heating transfer to any place.


1.Maximum temperature resistant of insulation: 200℃
2.Best continuous working temperature as 150℃,max temperature as 230℃momentarily
3.Power deviation: 8% insulation resistance: ≥5 MΩ
4.Compressive strength: 1500V/5S
5.Standard dimension: Width: 20mm~1000mm; Length: 25mm~1000mm; lead wire length:200mm
6.Fast heat diffusion, Uniform heat transfer, Directly heat objects on; high thermal efficiency, high strength, long service life, work safe